6 Things I Can’t Stop Wearing.

When you find a good staple, it’s just so satisfying. Here are a few of my recent favorites – I am actually wearing this entire combination today as I type.

Plaid pants. I discovered these pants two weeks ago (16 days to be exact), and have worn them 7 times.

Twice out on a Saturday night – first out to dinner and then to a fancy catered house party – and the remaining 5 times to work.

I’d say 7 out of 16 is a pretty good hit rate. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Down coat. It has finally become cold enough to break out this down puffer, and I’m in love. LL Bean kills it in this category.

Boatneck tunic sweater. I used to think it was absurd to buy a white sweater – surely they will stain so quickly and be a waste. But at this price I say go for it (on sale for $36!).

Satchel. Every. Single. Day. That’s how often I use this bag. And it still looks brand new after a full year of use – that’s a rare quality, and makes it more than worth the price.

Here’s a peak inside mine (Yes, I did tidy it before snapping this picture. And yes, I am reading Harry Potter).

Flats. Sustainable (made from recycled water bottles), practical (machine washable), comfortable (woven – by a 3D printer) and cute. I’d say they check all the boxes. I bought them to use as a commuter shoe, and have ended up wearing them all day every day (You can see a snippet in the picture above).

Polish. I typically can’t be bothered, what with all the chipping and maintenance- but this makes it so simple and it truly glows. Would make a perfect stocking stuffer.

Shop this look:

1. Coat / 2. Pants / 3. Sweater / 4. Bag / 5. Flats / 6. Polish

What are your current staples? Share please!

A parable.

Goals. Do you love them, or do you hate them?

Context matters – are they daunting and unachievable or are they challenging yet possible?

The latter are inspiring, and achieving that goal is, well, the goal.

And yet I find that after an accomplishment, I almost immediately think “OK, what next”?

The thrill of accomplishment is fleeting.

It is the act of striving that provides a more sustaining boost. We owe ourselves a reminder that process is just as important.

Stay conscious. Present. Be excited about the future but don’t let that excitement rush you through today.

Remember to play.

“The end of a melody is not it’s goal, and yet if a melody has not reached its end it has not reached it’s goal” –Nietzsche

So too the weekend – savor the process, and don’t disparage its end. Without it, we would not be getting the break from routine that we crave.

Happy Friday!

What’s on your plate? Guac!

It all starts with an onion, which for me means it starts with tears.

You could probably do without, but the end result would not have the same oomph.

Make sure it is finely diced so as not to steal the show – it should be like a stage hand, unseen but important. Red, white, shallot even, just make sure it’s there.

Next – the bright green star of our show.

Cut the avocado in half, scoop out with a spoon, and roughly chop in the bowl. A little chunk is good.

Top with good sea salt. Add the juice of half a lime. Fresh only. Be generous.

You could be done here, but we have a secret to share…

Parmesan cheese.

It adds that je ne sais quoi.

Pair with salty blue corn chips.

Dig in.