A week in pictures

Easter in Florida…and multiple trips to our favorite taco spot.

A screenshot of a picture of a book that SO resonated with me, as I navigate the entry to mid life.

A moment, that seems small, and is small, but is also everything. That handmade bookmark. The mismatched, rumpled, yet loved bedding. The blossoming love of books. The picture captured in the daylight hours of a midweek day at home.

And the misty return to routine. Is it just as hard for everyone to settle back in after vacation? And yet – how beautiful, really.

2 thoughts on “A week in pictures

  1. Great post. Love each pic/section. Especially like the ML Philpott quote that you circled…., big issues here, of course, for women …. maybe esp. prof. women ….. in our culture. And that shouldn’t be minimized. But/and …. it’s also a cultural issue more broadly, including for many men. That came home for me when I retired. Especially the first year or two …. my sense of self-value was kind of knocked out from under me when I wasn’t “accomplishing …. producing … finishing and succeeding” (in Philpott’s phrase) in the eyes of others in the workplace. A lot of my journey since then has been “getting” what yoga-rachel talks about (in Nancy’s post) ….. finding a sense self-worth that is interior and inherent …. without being too dependent on external validation. So ….. good food-for-thought in this post. Plainly! (But definitely not mundanely.) 🙂


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