Lookin’ spiffy

Slowly, slowly, we are approaching the proverbial finish line. . . The roof is done, exterior paint going on this week (if the rain ever ends), shutters installed soon, and some cobbles and fresh asphalt on the driveway this week.

Painters hard at work.

She’s come a long way since last year.

Our exterior lights are scheduled to ship tomorrow. We went with these raw cooper beauties from Northeast Lantern that will age naturally over time.

Here we are testing them out on our garage (in a slightly darker finish).

On the driveway, we are doing a single line of slightly raised cobbles. Similar to this:

And finally – grass. We tried THREE times last fall to seed, and each was washed away…it was one of the rainiest autumns on record (followed now by the rainiest April on record).

Here’s hoping for some sun (and warmth please) in the coming weeks!

A week in pictures

Easter in Florida…and multiple trips to our favorite taco spot.

A screenshot of a picture of a book that SO resonated with me, as I navigate the entry to mid life.

A moment, that seems small, and is small, but is also everything. That handmade bookmark. The mismatched, rumpled, yet loved bedding. The blossoming love of books. The picture captured in the daylight hours of a midweek day at home.

And the misty return to routine. Is it just as hard for everyone to settle back in after vacation? And yet – how beautiful, really.