Current debate: What color shutters?

In the running: Essex Green or Black Forest Green (the two bottom colors on the paint strip below).

As an aside, here they are featured in a STUNNING kitchen. Drooling…

…but back to shutters. We are working with Karl at New England Shutter Mills to install historically accurate painted wood shutters this spring.

Here is my (horrible) photoshop reproduction of our house with Black Forest Green (and pasted on window boxes) – my favorite at the moment:

And here she is with Essex Green (my original favorite, which now I fear is too light in the sunlight):

Paint. It always astounds me how difficult it is to pick!

3 thoughts on “Shutters

  1. My choice is Black Forest Green!! But I love a green that could almost be mistaken for black! Can’t wait to see how they come out, we need to do the same to our house.


    1. Your Mom tells me that given how color-challenged I am, I shouldn’t venture an opinion. And, you know, she’s probably right. So….I’m going to hold my tongue and not say I like the darker of the two a bit better !!!
      😇 🙃 😇


  2. Emma – I like the serenity of the black forest and how it settles into the house. The essex seems to jump out a bit, but of course, I am not seeing a live comparison. Decisions! I am glad to see you finding time to write again. I know you enjoy sharing and I love reading/seeing your evolving home and growing family. Love to all and Happy Easter!


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