Vacation bound

We are ready for a week off from work, a week away, a week of adventures and a week of play.

That rhymed, didn’t it?

So, we are off to Nantucket, for a week. We. Are. Pumped.

We went last year, and had an amazing week…our daughter calls it “adventure island”.  Here are a few shots from last year. 

 First things first, we stock up on essentials. Portuguese bread for starters.

 We spend hours at the beach.

Take the jeep out to Smith’s Point.

Search for crabs in the shallow water.

Basically, we spend as much time outdoors as possible. Everywhere you look is more beautiful then the last.

We have to fit three adults, two kids, a portable crib, double stroller, and all of our luggage into one jeep. So we will be packing very light (read: one carry on size suitcase shared between two adults!).
Here are the items at the top of my packing list:

1. Raybans /2.Patagonia Better Sweater /3.  White skinny jeans/4. A new beach read/5.Flip flops/6. Flowy top (40% off!)

Black houses

I have been drawn lately to black houses. They are impactful, fresh, but still classic – something about them feels modern without being trendy.

I am a traditionalist at heart – with a natural love of classic New England white clapboard. And I’m not sure I’ll ever be fully converted, but for the moment I’m loving the opposite. 

Look at this little guy. He wouldn’t quite have the same impact if white.

The dark color lends a certain weight. This little cottage is firmly anchored and holds its own surrounded by jagged mountains.

Black siding with black trim helps these houses recede into the landscape around them.

What do you think? 

I’ve never really considered black before for the exterior of a house, but these images make me think twice.

The good in girly

I have a 3.5yr old daughter. She loves pink. She loves sparkles. She loves dresses, and most especially dresses that go all the way down to her toes – like a princess! 

I have spent the past 3.5yrs trying not to cringe when she asks for another necklace to wear, another sparkly headband or crown. 

I would rather she go play in the dirt. Focus less on being “beautiful” and more on being strong.

In essence, I have spent the past 3.5yrs trying to guide her away from being “girly”. 

But this morning, I read an article by Kristen Bell which has given me pause. In it, she asks, “why is being girly a negative adjective?”.

Kristen Bell starts by making the controversial statement, that men and women are not equal.  Should we have equal power? Yes. Should we have equal opportunity? Yes. But are we the same? No.

“There are differences – inherent and unwavering differences. For the majority of the human timeline, these differences were openly viewed as female weaknesses; crating a chasm between men and women.”

“I’d like to add my voice to so many voices who have chosen to flip the narrative and see these disparities as beautiful, unconquerable and inspiring.”

Bell argues:

“This ever-long journey toward equality demands that we, as females, actually embrace our inequalities and value them as superpowers.”

So today, I embrace my daughter’s girly-ness. I embrace her sensitivity, her astounding empathy. She is thoughtful, caring, intuitive.

She can sense if one person in a room full of adults is not happy. And then, she thinks up creative suggestions to help.

She is also strong. And aggressively protective of her little sister. She is brave, and I know this because she can articulate when she is feeling scared to do something, and yet she gets up and does it anyways.

She is my girl. My girly girl. And this weekend we will put on our sparkly princess crowns in all of our girly glory, and play in the dirt.

In your shoes

Ever wonder what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes? 

I do.  

So I asked a few people to share the view from their perspective today!

I got such a great variety of perspectives. 

Isn’t it fascinating to get a glimpse of what other people are doing at the same time as you?

I thought it was a great reminder that the world is bigger than whatever current stress is bugging me.

Taking a peak at another persons perspective can literally change your outlook.

Cute shoes by the way. I almost bought those…maybe I should have 😋.

Oh you’re at the office too?

We have the same chair.

I’m sort of comforted by that – is that odd? 

I wouldn’t mind being barefoot  and in a sweatshirt. 

It’s 3pm…soon enough!

Anatomy of a bath

Tub time is the best. We don’t do baths every night, but as summer arrives and outdoor time increases, baths become more and more necessary. 

And they are welcome – comforting, clean, fun…

We have toys from my childhood, mixed with seashells collected at the beach, and always bath crayons for coloring on the shower walls.

We have just two rules…

No splashing water outside the tub. And no standing.

They are quite difficult to enforce!

How do you do bath time? Is it part of the everyday bedtime routine? Or more like us, on an as-needed basis?

Here are some of our favorite bath time products these days:

1. Light up rubber duck /2. BEST smelling baby wash /3. Fleece robe /4. Bath crayons/ 5.Washcloth