Vacation bound

We are ready for a week off from work, a week away, a week of adventures and a week of play.

That rhymed, didn’t it?

So, we are off to Nantucket, for a week. We. Are. Pumped.

We went last year, and had an amazing week…our daughter calls it “adventure island”.  Here are a few shots from last year. 

 First things first, we stock up on essentials. Portuguese bread for starters.

 We spend hours at the beach.

Take the jeep out to Smith’s Point.

Search for crabs in the shallow water.

Basically, we spend as much time outdoors as possible. Everywhere you look is more beautiful then the last.

We have to fit three adults, two kids, a portable crib, double stroller, and all of our luggage into one jeep. So we will be packing very light (read: one carry on size suitcase shared between two adults!).
Here are the items at the top of my packing list:

1. Raybans /2.Patagonia Better Sweater /3.  White skinny jeans/4. A new beach read/5.Flip flops/6. Flowy top (40% off!)

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