Black houses

I have been drawn lately to black houses. They are impactful, fresh, but still classic – something about them feels modern without being trendy.

I am a traditionalist at heart – with a natural love of classic New England white clapboard. And I’m not sure I’ll ever be fully converted, but for the moment I’m loving the opposite. 

Look at this little guy. He wouldn’t quite have the same impact if white.

The dark color lends a certain weight. This little cottage is firmly anchored and holds its own surrounded by jagged mountains.

Black siding with black trim helps these houses recede into the landscape around them.

What do you think? 

I’ve never really considered black before for the exterior of a house, but these images make me think twice.

One thought on “Black houses

  1. You HAVE been looking at house options recently haven’t you? Great group of pics. Especially love the 4th one….surrounded by the stone wall and the jagged mountains. Switzerland…..?????


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