Anatomy of a bath

Tub time is the best. We don’t do baths every night, but as summer arrives and outdoor time increases, baths become more and more necessary. 

And they are welcome – comforting, clean, fun…

We have toys from my childhood, mixed with seashells collected at the beach, and always bath crayons for coloring on the shower walls.

We have just two rules…

No splashing water outside the tub. And no standing.

They are quite difficult to enforce!

How do you do bath time? Is it part of the everyday bedtime routine? Or more like us, on an as-needed basis?

Here are some of our favorite bath time products these days:

1. Light up rubber duck /2. BEST smelling baby wash /3. Fleece robe /4. Bath crayons/ 5.Washcloth

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