A room, by any other name, would never be as sweet.

These days, we spend a lot of time in our playroom. A lot of time doing art. A lot of time playing make believe.

The light in our playroom is some of the best in our house – so it’s a treat to spend lazy Sunday’s lounging here.

It is a transitional room – it used to be our dining room, right off the kitchen. But with small kids around it begged to be reimagined. A seperate space to congregate toys, books, art supplies.

It’s also the perfect spot for a visiting canine to nap in the sun.

Or for the 1-year-old-in-residence to “read” a book.

This room won’t always be a play room – at times I find myself anticipating the day that we can reclaim it as an adult space. Perhaps with leather club chairs, bookshelves, and a game table for poker and 1000 piece puzzles. 

Yet in the same instant, I feel the panic of time slipping past. I know with utmost certainty that the moment I sink into that future leather club chair, I will mourn the playroom that it had been, and everything it signified: The messy, chaotic, perfectly imperfect years of raising our babies.

And just like that, it’s Autumn.

Summer lingered, and then it was gone. Just like that.

So we made the switch to fall/winter clothes over here last weekend. A slew of long sleeves now take the spot of summer sundresses. 

Someone likes pink. And tulle. And sparkles.

We made corn bread, and butternut squash and roast chicken. We walked in the woods, leaves underfoot, wearing our coats. 

Autumn is here. 

How do you welcome the new season?

Mama, will you miss this?

On the eve of her 4th birthday, Viv asked: “Mama, will you miss 3yrs old?”

I said yes, but I’m also excited for 4!

She replied:  “Well don’t worry, because one day Celia will be 3!”

Is she reading my mind? I will desperately miss these days, these months, these years. Is it cliché to say I want to bottle them up for future consumption? 

Goodnight my 3yr old deep-thinking-toddler. One last hug for mama please, the last while you are still three.

Good morning my 4yr old girl. A big hug for mama please, the first since turning four.