Book fair 

Last week we went to the book fair at our daughter’s school. Do you remember those from when you were a kid? My husband and I talked about how much we used to look forward to them – I would pore over the catalogue for weeks, debating which books I should order. And when that day arrived my stack would be waiting for me, secured by a green rubber band with the paper invoice on top.

There was a smell, and a taste even to that experience, that is just beyond reach but that I still remember vividly.     

We told our daughter she could choose 3 books (side note: it was so hard not to give my suggestions and sway her!!). She came away with:

1.) Princess Activity Purse. Oh boy, the love of princesses is neverending. But hey at least there was some imagination sparked by the pop out paper princess wand and lipstick? Wait, lipstick for a 3yr old? Oy.
2.) Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot is obsessed with the three little pigs – we got an old school golden book version (surprisingly graphic) that she loves and we play endless games of “the big bad wolf”, so this is a welcome addition to that theme.
3.) Frozen: The Enchanted Guide. We can never get enough Frozen in our household. Though I will admit that this book has introduced us to the new frontier of “chapter books”…and she is surprisingly able to follow along. Guess that’s the silver lining.

What are your favorite books these days? Any recommendations for little girls, with strong, smart, resourceful female characters? I plan to write later this week about a few of our recent favorites…

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