What I’m wearing…

Do you ever struggle to put together outfits to wear to work that are both appropriate and comfortable…and also cute? Sometimes I feel like it all comes together easily, but often I find myself in a rut.

I am constantly looking for pieces that are versatile as well, so as to keep the number of items in my closet to a minimum (have you heard of capsule wardrobes? Love this concept.)

In an effort to help streamline the morning process, I’m starting a new series highlighting favorite combinations of mine – and other working ladies who i admire.

Here goes! I wore this exact outfit last week. The pants have become a favorite of mine -they have stretch, but don’t get saggy, and are totally comfy. I actually just bought them in grey as well because i love them so much.  The shirt is a new purchase and I can already tell I will get a lot of use out of it, not just at work, but on weekends in the winter with black skinny jeans, or in the summer with white. The cardigan is boring, sure, but classic. And the shoes…a HUGE splurge. I got them 2 years ago now (when i found them on sale for $350) and I wear them almost every day at work – in fact i leave them under my desk. I completely get that $500 for a pair of shoes is absurd – it’s totally absurd. But if you can find them on sale, they are worth considering.

1. shirt/2. pants/3. cardigan/4. shoes/more wallet friendly option


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