What Lisa’s wearing…

I was about to type “Lisa is a communications manager” but stopped myself two letters in. Yes, Lisa works as a communications manager (on health campaigns – how cool is that?) but she is so much more!

She is a best bud of mine from my college days (who incidentally married another best bud of mine, David – how cool is that!), who is smart, thoughtful, funny, tougher than she knows, and a consistently grounding force in my life.

On to the clothes (with some sneak peeks of Lisa’s closet!).

Lisa always looks put together, no matter what she wears, and yet manages to do so without breaking the bank. Here is what she has to say…

On comfortable work pants:

I love these pants because they stretch for comfort, but the tailoring is just as professional as a standard work pant. And they aren’t like other borderline leggings where you feel like you have to cover your bum with a longer top to wear them to work!

On the perfect classic blouse:

Every woman should have a classic white silk blouse in her wardrobe. It’s perfect for layering and can be worn with literally every skirt or pair of pants in my closet – tails out for a more casual day and tucked in for a meeting with clients.

On staying versatile:

This Moto jacket is a fun alternative to a standard blazer or structured jacket, but is pretty neutral at the same time. I like to buy clothes that double as work and casual wear and this definitely falls into that category.

On finding that perfect “pop”:

I tend to wear pretty neutral colors, so a pair of shoes that pop (and are flat/comfortable) are my best friend. These fit the bill!

Shop Lisa’s closet:

1. Silk blouse/2. Jacket/3. Pants/4. Leopard print flats

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