The great outdoors

It happens again and again, so I don’t know why it still surprises us – but for some reason it does. It is remarkable how much happier and calm our 3yr old is when she is playing outside.

We started last weekend out on the open water, Viv sitting cross legged at the front of my paddle board as we navigated the inner harbor. Her excitement was contagious. We found snails, picked up crabs, (they walk sideways!), found clay (she pronounces it “play”), and generally had a grand adventure.

We are constantly looking for new outdoor activity ideas (remember painting rocks?). So when I saw this book  on the shelf at wholefoods I had to take a look. 101 things for kids to do outside: 

One suggestion was to make flower arrangements from clippings you find outside…flowers, weeds, sticks…really anything will do.

She had a blast…her concentration was intense.

Here she is showing off her creation.

Next up: hold a mini olympics, or perhaps make a nature walk bracelet?

What are your favorite “outside of the box” ideas for outdoor activities?

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