A (colorful) room to grow

There is something so special about planning a room for a little baby. 

Daydreaming about who they will grow up to be, picking fun toys, and cute clothes, and having the freedom to use color in a way that you might not dare in a more adult-centric space.

Color is a key focus for my cousin as she puts together her new daughter’s room. Johannah lives with her family in Mt Desert Island, ME, in a house they built together over the past 6 years.

Besides being a new mom to baby Gwinna, Johannah is passionate about climate change – she is the project coordinator for A Climate to Thrive, an organization that seeks to achieve energy independence for MDI by 2030. On her blog, Earth to Plate, Johannah writes about how she fell in love with nature growing up in the woods of New Hampshire. Her love of nature shines through clearly in Gwinna’s room where she created a whimsical mural of a tree on the wall, complete with robin eggs. 

While the rest of their house is more mellow, she wants a really colorful room for her growing girl. The groundwork has been done: pale yellow walls, cherry wood floor, a pale blue bookshelf.

The crib and bureau have clean lines and a dark wood stain. There are pops of green, the leaves on the tree, a pillow and muslin swaddle draped over the crib rail.

Johannah wanted the room the feel magical. She has certainly succeeded. 

The challenge now is how to tie it all together with a rug. And perhaps some artwork and a cozy chair for nighttime feeding. I put together a few mood boards to help brainstorm, and here are my favorite options. 

Shop these rooms:

1.Caitlin Mcgauley Prints/ 2.Mirror/ 3.Bureau/ 4.Glider/ 5.Crib/ 6. Pillows: Embroidered/Pompom/Rainbow/Polka dot/7.Bookshelf/8.Planter

Rugs in order: Tangerine Dream/Kaledo Primary/Aster gold /Josie

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