On having a moment

I had a moment last week. In a good way.

Nothing special really, just me and Celia, sitting in one of the white Adirondack chairs in our back yard. It was 6:45pm, she wore nothing but her diaper, I still had my work clothes on.

I can’t remember exactly what I was doing, but it was something that made her laugh hysterically. Belly laughs. Each of which ended in a quick cuddle on my chest. 

Half way through I remember thinking THIS is life. These are the moments that make life special. These are the moments that this blog is dedicated to. Plain, mundane, yet extraordinary.

Even a week later, I can still feel that moment, with everything in perfect clarity and perspective. For a moment, all was right in the world.

I love the emphasis this Vox article puts on celebrating moments like these.

This article begs us to remember that childhood is life, not preparation for life. As someone who tends to worry about the future, and dwell on the past, this was a welcome reminder to live in the moment.

 “Life is just a series of moments, and it’s amazing how many of them we miss, rush past, or disrupt because our minds are elsewhere, anticipating the future or dwelling on the past. But a moment of joy or connection is its own justification, not a means to an end. Play can just be fun. Fart jokes can just be funny. Daydreaming and wasted time don’t have to be framed as developmental tools; they’re just nice.”

Isn’t that just perfect? 

(PS, one of my favorite “moments” of the summer pictured above. Exploring the shallow waters in the inner harbor of Nantucket). 

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