Weekend wanderings…

It felt like the perfect weekend, with just the right balance of relaxation and productivity.

Why is that balance often so hard to find? 

Too much lounging, and I find myself stressing about not getting stuff done…but too much running around doing errands and I wonder why I can’t just find the time to sit, and smell the roses. 

Or, in my case, stare at the beautiful leaves! Look at those colors, just stunning.

On Saturday, I made a Thanksgiving centerpiece. A few friends and family came to join, and we spent an hour drinking bubbly and arranging flowers. 

Perhaps this was the key to such a satisfying weekend – the perfect combination of productivity and fun. Hanging with friends while getting stuff done. 

Here are some of the results! Not bad right?

I did two of these for our table.

Sunday was filled with more outdoor time…

And more Thanksgiving prep. While polishing silver we came across these beauties. I will be sure to make a big soup next weekend just for an excuse to use them.

And finally, chili, football, and a healthy dose of play.

What is your recipe for a perfect weekend?

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