What’s on your plate?

Every time we make the trek to wholefoods, a container of Meredith Dairy goat and sheeps cheese makes its way into our cart.

This cheese is a true multi-tasker.  It works on crackers, spread on bread as part of a sandwich, and perhaps best of all, on pasta.

“What’s for dinner?”

It’s 5o clock, nothing has been made and nothing has been planned for. Grab a box of pasta, and whatever vegetables are in your fridge (or in a jar in your pantry for that matter), some garlic and this cheese.

Last week we made it with cherry tomatoes and chopped vine tomatoes, some leftover fennel, and garlic.

Roast the vegetables until they are soft. Add a pinch of parsley.

A green salad on the side.

Arugula, shaved Brussels sprouts, cranberries and cucumbers.


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