What Sarah’s wearing…

She’s an attorney, a mom of two, and a friend of mine, who always looks pulled together. When I told her so, she scoffed – but guys I’m serious.

We’ve recently bonded over motherhood, major house renovations, and most recently a love of clothes (and the amazing brand MM Lafleur, have you discovered it yet? If not, you’re welcome).

Let’s hear what Sarah has to say..and a sneak peek of her closet…

On Clair Underwood, and MM LaFleur: 

These days, the most put together I feel is in MM LaFleur. I am obsessed with Claire Underwood’s style (House of Cards) and their clothes remind me of her, but are ridiculously comfortable, which is great, because my goal is pretty much to find clothes that feel like PJs without looking like them.

A favorite dress, for winter or summer:

This Aditi dress is a favorite and I cannot wait to wear it in the summer because the neckline is amazing and you can’t really appreciate it in a cardigan. Since it’s winter, I wear opaque tights with it and great waterproof booties. For now, I also wear a cardigan with it and a favorite is from Nic and Zoe – you can wear this cardigan open or as a wrap. It also comes in thick, sweater material or light, linen.

On pulled together comfort:

If I have court or client meetings, I’d go with a jardigan instead; totally passes as a suit coat, but, again, way more comfortable.

On Sarah’s wish list:

As spring hits, I’m dying for this combination – the Mona dress in Cherrywood, with the Crossover belt. I feel like it’s soft/feminine because of the cherrywood color of the dress, but the belt is a little edgy.

Thanks Sarah…you’ve introduced me to MM Lafleur (for which my credit card loves you and my bank account hates you), and you’ve given me the nudge I need to order that Nic an Zoe cardigan that I’ve been eyeing for some time!

Shop Sarah’s closet:

1. Jardigan/2. Belt/3. Mona Dress/4.  Nic and Zoe Cardigan  /5. Aditi Dress/6. Boot

One thought on “What Sarah’s wearing…

  1. Sarah is the classiest, and very well put together. Being her sister, I have always looked up to her style and confidence. Don’t let that fool you though, she is still incredibly weird. Also, I love Claire’s wardrobe. It’s so sleek and tailored. Also, (obviously) Robin Wright is georgeous so that helps.

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