On aging.

Sitting at the doctor’s this morning, enjoying an excuse to spend 30minutes flipping through trashy magazines…

… and I came across this page. It struck me. Her hair, unapologetically short and turning gray.

I have been thinking about gray hair more and more recently, as my own seem to multiply every day. I’m “lucky” in a sense that mine blend in well with my light hair…but why does that make me lucky? 

Who decided that it’s better to dye? Who decided gray is the worse choice?

 I wish we could change that perception, reclaim the hours spent in a chair getting highlights, reclaim the comfort in our natural state. And stepping back further, I wish we as a society could reclaim the grace in aging. 

This topic deserves way more than a blog post – there is so much to discuss that I’m struggling as to where to start. 

For today, I’ll start with some images of women who have chosen to embrace their gray.  

Another shot of Steevie Van der Veen – the model pictured above. So raw compared to the typical images we see. Stunning.

Dr. Jane Goodall, known for her work with chimpanzees.

And of course my beautiful mom, who taught me to look for, embrace and celebrate what is real.

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