What’s on your plate? Lobstah!

Our Au Pair, who has been with us for the past year, just left to go back home to the Czech Republic.

  Before she left we asked her if there was anything she wanted to do or eat or see one last time before leaving the USA – and she requested one more lobster dinner!

We set the table, using newspaper for the mess.

Lots of melted butter.

Veggies, potatoes and local steamers on the side.

Pick your lobster…

Dig in!

This meal tiggers such nostalgia for me, sparking memories of summer, childhood, family…it was the perfect way to celebrate her year with us.

How do you do lobster? Does it trigger the same nostalgia? Cheers!

Long weekend wanderings

An extra long weekend can be so restorative – it was just what we needed. 

Add in the ocean, friends, and family and you’ve got the icing on the cake. 

We spent mornings exploring low tide wildlife.

Afternoons walking, reading, and relaxing.

And evenings filled with good food and drink…

…and an ice cream cone or two.

It finally feels like summer. How did you spend Memorial Day? 

What’s on your plate?

After traveling last weekend we returned home to an almost empty fridge. After traveling, I also often crave simple, fresh, home cooked food (is that just me, or do you agree?), and yet the last thing I want is a big production.

 A quick stop at the store for swordfish solved the protein quotient of our meal.

Our friends often serve orzo salad, so I took inspiration from them.  It’s a perfect receptical for using up random ingredients – pick a cheese, a veggie or two, and an herb. Chop, and mix with orzo.  

In the depths of the fridge I found: half a container of feta, half an orange pepper, and a piece of a white onion. My little sink-side basil plant provided the final touch.

Add cooked orzo, toss with simple vinaigrette, and voila.

I love spring for many reasons, one of which is the return of the grill. We fired it up, and in 15minutes dinner was ready.

What are your favorite simple springtime recipes? Share please!