Anatomy of an NYC weekend…

We spent the weekend in our favorite city (sorry Boston, NYC still has my heart).

Our good friends have an amazing four bedroom apartment that is big enough for us to (just barely) squeeze into. 

Four adults, four kids under 4yrs old, and an enormous Newfoundland named Nana made for cozy quarters. Thank you for letting us stay!

Here are some pictures of our visit if you’d like to see…

Saying hi to our pilots.

Making our way to the city….planes, trains and automobiles.

Our first stop was The Museum of Natural History, to see the dinosaur bones of course.

A walk (er, climb) in the park.

Milk break.

Mother’s Day brunch at our old favorite, Maialino.

A frolick in the meadow to burn off energy.

Bathroom break…waiting (not so patiently) in line for our turn.

Evening light.

Strolling home.

Until next time, NYC.

3 thoughts on “Anatomy of an NYC weekend…

  1. I absolutely loved visiting NYC. Beautiful, crazy city with very cool people. Unfortunately I had a slight biking accident in Central Park which resulted in a hospital visit too (broken jaw and a very bruised face!) Not quite what I had planned!! Good excuse to go back though. However this time I think I may forget about hiring a bike 🚲


    1. Oh boy that does not sound fun! Definitely need a return trip to make up for that experience! Biking in Central Park is fun – but I’m actually surprised that accidents don’t happen more often given how busy it can get. I hope you had a speedy recovery.


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