Today, I remind myself:

“Choose to see mistakes as opportunity, not failure.”

Opportunity to reflect. To discover a bit more about myself.  To tweak my approach to something. To improve myself. Or not.  To learn to communicate better.

This is something I want to tattoo onto my daughter’s arms… I want to impress upon them that mistakes are OK. Losing is OK. Falling is OK.

What is more important is how you react.

Embracing mistakes, imperfection and failure is something that I have to work hard to convince myself of – but for some reason it is so plain to see as I watch them grow.

As Einstein once said, “A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”

And by definition, my growing girls need to try something new every day, every hour, every minute at this age.

To my 1-year old I say, “You need to risk falling in order to stand”.


To my 3-year old I say “You need to risk falling in order to climb”.

It is all part of the process of life, learning, growing, and ultimately becoming the best version of yourself – and shouldn’t that be the ultimate goal?

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