What’s on your plate?

I love the weekend mornings when I take the time to make real oatmeal – not the instant kind, the steel cut oatmeal that takes on an almost nutty flavor. Top with shaved coconut flakes, chopped nuts, fruit and a drizzle of VT maple syrup- yum!

The downside is, it takes 30minutes, and let’s be honest, most mornings I am too hungry to wait.

Someone recently mentioned the idea of  overnight oats – something I’ve been meaning to try. This seems like a great solution for weekday breakfast as well. Once I’ve given it a shot, I’ll report back.


Literally. Not figuratively. Baggage has been on my mind lately.

I travel for work about once per month, usually just overnight. Up until last week  I had always just used my normal purse to pack for overnight trips – keeping my personal items to a bare minimum.  That technique required precision and planning, was getting annoying, and looked like this: Continue reading