What’s on your plate?


Avocado must be the most useful vegetable ever (Side note, it’s actually a fruit. It just seems weird to call it that!). If all else fails, it satisfies the protein/fat/fiber requirements of a well rounded meal, plus some vitamins to boot. 

Also – do you notice that if your kids have something to “dip” food into, it’s miraculously much more exciting and enticing? That’s been our recent trick for getting our daughter to eat tomatoes…

What’s up for the weekend? I am planning to (finally) bring a load of clothes to donate, most likely to the charity cradles to crayons

Book fair 

Last week we went to the book fair at our daughter’s school. Do you remember those from when you were a kid? My husband and I talked about how much we used to look forward to them – I would pore over the catalogue for weeks, debating which books I should order. And when that day arrived my stack would be waiting for me, secured by a green rubber band with the paper invoice on top.

There was a smell, and a taste even to that experience, that is just beyond reach but that I still remember vividly.      Continue reading


Yesterday felt a bit like spring – a tease, given it is February 1, and the coldest weather is likely still to come.

I picked up this Hyacinth at the local Shaws, wrapped originally in shiny red plastic. Replacing the gaudy red with simple brown Kraft paper makes the world of difference. (I keep a roll of this Kraft paper on hand for art  projects with my 3 year old).

Hyacinths always remind me of spring, and their smell is amazing when they bloom, permeating the room. It’s the little things in life.