Who Moved my Cheese?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

I absolutely loved this question, posed in the book Who Moved my Cheese. This book packs a profound punch – in minimal time – addressing the topic of how to deal with change.

I read the whole thing on my 30minute boat ride this morning.

How much of what we do is driven by fear? A fear of the unknown? Fear of failure (or for fellow perfectionists, fear of simply not being the best)? A fear of change?

I want to rip this page out and carry it with me. I haven’t yet, but am seriously contemplating it.

A reminder to think less about what could go wrong, and more about all that could go right.

A reminder that more often than not, the expectation is much worse than reality.

A reminder to embrace the experience, the process – not only the destination.

After all, the journey is more than half the fun. It is the fun.

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