Laundry list (indoor)

Perhaps making a public list will keep me on track. Keep me accountable.

So here goes. My 2016 house update goals. (Excuse the mess in the “before” pictures below. I took them before tidying on purpose – a taste of reality.)

1. Formal Dining Room:

– rug: bring in oriental from family room (pictured below).

– install curtain rods (and pick curtains).

– replace chandelier (go for fresh/younger/funky vibe)

2. Play Room:

– fix water damage on ceiling (thank you window A/C unit upstairs).

– gallery wall (aka find friends for that little lonely print)?

– add bookshelf (perhaps reuse IKEA one?) or storage unit for toys and books

– add sconces (to where white plates are, below)

3. Eat-in Kitchen:

– move oriental rug into formal dining room (shown above).

– pick new rug that is big enough for all chairs to fit (I think we need 11×11′).

4. Half bath:

– replace sink (something a bit more classic)

– replace mirror (perhaps with this beauty?)

– floor (to keep or not to keep? Perhaps do a hex tile?)

– add raised paneling to walls, 3/4 height.

– funky fresh wallpaper?

What do you think? Any suggestions? We also have a Laundry List of outdoor work…but that is for another time!

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