Struggling With “Having it All”

A common question that weaves its way in and out of conversations with my best “mom” friends,  is how in the world to find the proper balance? What gives?

My mom-in-law sent me this blog post today from on of my favorite bloggers, Erin Gates, on her struggle to figure out just how she is supposed to “have it all”. How do we lean in without falling flat on our face? 

It is so refreshing, and frankly comforting, to hear from people who seemingly have it all “figured out”, that in fact they don’t have it all figured. They are muddling their way through life just as I often feel I am.

Even WITH rediculously supportive husbands/partners – shit can be HARD.

I haven’t figured it all out – and suspect I never will. I also suspect that my definition of “having it all” will constantly change. Today, it means traveling to NYC for work – and missing my family.

Tomorrow, it will mean something different.

What helps you find balance? My recent search for sanity includes two things:

1. Exercise: Sucking it up, setting my alarm for 5am, and getting at least one pre-work sweat sesh in per week. Exercise is key to my mental state – I feel better, sleep better, eat better, and everything seems more manageable.

2. Finding creative ways to multitask: One example – I’ve been trying to commute with friends as much as possible.  I get my social outlet and gab fest in without giving up kid/husband/sleep time.

I’ll end with this – A few things I know for certain:
Discussion helps. Commiserating helps. Brainstorming helps. So let’s keep the conversation going.

2 thoughts on “Struggling With “Having it All”

  1. nice post…..agree with all….especially the ‘discussion…conversation’ bit at end. having some version of community (several versions) to fold it all into seems really key……


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