What do you do when you get in a funk? Don’t tell me you never do – I won’t believe you (or alternatively, will be insanely jealous).

I was texting with a friend, commiserating about recent hectic work schedules. She always tries to remind herself to have a positive perspective. Or at least try not to complain, and focus on what needs to get done. I usually try to  simplify, focus on what is truly important, and try not to care about the rest (key word, try).

So much of life, stress management, and “happiness” comes down to perspective.

An article this month in Working Mother Magazine posits that the way you perceive stress has an impact on how the stress effects you. 

A simple Google search lead me to many supportive articles, including one from Medical News Today:

“It is important to learn that what matters more than the event itself is usually our thoughts about the event when we are trying to manage stress. How you see that stressful event will be the largest single factor that impacts on your physical and mental health. Your interpretation of events and challenges in life may decide whether they are invigorating or harmful for you.”

I like this concept. A reminder that attitude goes a long way in life. 

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