Last fall we transitioned our daughter out of her crib and into a “big girl bed”.

It was bitter sweet to say goodbye to the crib we had used for almost three years. 

We loved the Jenny Lind crib we had, it was classic and well priced. So when we saw that Land of Nod offered the same Jenny Lind style twin bed, it was an easy decision for us. It is also very well priced and is beautiful and solid in person.

A few more shots of her room…

Now that the weather is warming up, we need to replace the down comforter with a lighter summer coverlet.

I’m considering the below options – what do you think?

1.Cotton blanket/2.Pink pillow /3.Pom Pom quilt/4.Pink throw

Anatomy of an NYC weekend…

We spent the weekend in our favorite city (sorry Boston, NYC still has my heart).

Our good friends have an amazing four bedroom apartment that is big enough for us to (just barely) squeeze into. 

Four adults, four kids under 4yrs old, and an enormous Newfoundland named Nana made for cozy quarters. Thank you for letting us stay!

Here are some pictures of our visit if you’d like to see…

Saying hi to our pilots.

Making our way to the city….planes, trains and automobiles.

Our first stop was The Museum of Natural History, to see the dinosaur bones of course.

A walk (er, climb) in the park.

Milk break.

Mother’s Day brunch at our old favorite, Maialino.

A frolick in the meadow to burn off energy.

Bathroom break…waiting (not so patiently) in line for our turn.

Evening light.

Strolling home.

Until next time, NYC.


Today, I remind myself:

“Choose to see mistakes as opportunity, not failure.”

Opportunity to reflect. To discover a bit more about myself.  To tweak my approach to something. To improve myself. Or not.  To learn to communicate better.

This is something I want to tattoo onto my daughter’s arms… Continue reading

Fruit box

A colleague of mine recently returned from a trip to NYC – a friend had graciously offered them up their upper east side apartment for free, while they were away.

She was struggling to come up with a good thank you gift. Something that didn’t take up much space, but was useful and unique. Something her friend didn’t already have.

My suggestion, a fruit box. Or better yet, 3-months of fresh fruit delivery, right to their door in NYC for $120. 

My parents have been gifting us this service the past few years at Christmas, and it is amazing. 

We eagerly await the next box…the citrus month is our favorite. I make this citrus salad from Eating Well Magazine

Before long we are left with just peels.

What are your favorite host gifts?

Weekend wanderings…

I’m a big believer in taking off your shoes, putting your feet in the grass, and feeling the ground. It instantly helps me feel more grounded.

Water and pebbles work too. We spent some time this weekend working on what we call our “summer feet”.

 I loved this article from the Huffinton Post, with a tip for staying grounded.

“When you’re feeling off balance, see if you can feel your feet from your feet.”

The point is – get out of your head, check in with your feet, and check in with the rest of your body. Stay in the moment.

In this way “we can more easily stay grounded in the experience of the moment and not get knocked off balance by what our minds might be THINKING about the experience.”

Or in the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, “He who would learn to fly one day, must first learn to stand…”

What do you think? Too kooky?

Try it. Kick off your shoes and feel the grass. I don’t think you’ll regret it.