Guest Bathroom

We are getting down to the final stages of our house renovation and there is so much to share. Plaster is dry and floors are going in – tile will start next week (if we can order it in time!).

The work will start on the third floor and move down throughout the house. So the first bathroom to tackle is the guest bathroom. It currently looks like this:

Before the plaster went up, I took this shot standing outside the door:

We added this bathroom to the house by extending an existing dormer, and stealing space from two closets in the neighboring bedrooms.

It will have a small shower tucked to the left of the door, a double vanity and toilet tucked behind a wall for privacy.

These are our final finishes, if you’d like to see:

We got simple white subway tile from Home Depot ($1.75/sq foot!), herringbone carrara marble from builder depot ($9.75/sq ft), and a vanity from houzz that included the marble top, two sinks and large mirror (all for $1600).

Here is the full supply list:

Vanity: $1600 for 72”, including mirror, sinks, carrara counterop

Faucets: $160 each

Floor tile:$9.75/sq foot

Wall tile:  1.76/sq foot

Toilet: $398!c945267110!a48669617444!k!m!p1o4!dc!ng!f&

Toilet paper holder: $31

Towel ring: $19 each

Shower head:

Wallpaper: $88 per roll, assume 3 rolls:

Lights: $200 each, times 2\

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