Motherhood, summarized in a text. 



I was texting with a best bud about all of the unknowns around getting pregnant, and the fear that those unknowns can bring up. I mentioned:

“When I was first pregnant I remember being terrified I would miscarry, and thinking ‘just let the baby be born and then I can relax’. And one day I realized, wait, I can’t relax once they are born…there will be a million other things that could go wrong at that point and onwards. For me parenthood is a constant battle of learning to let go. Which is hard.”

To which she replied: I think you just summarized motherhood in a text.

I wonder, do most people struggle with this? Knowing when to let go, how to let go, how much to let go. Each stage is unique and asks us to let go in different ways. Should I let my 3yr old climb that stone wall? Should I let her fall, and in doing so learn and test her limits. I know I am constantly learning and testing my limits. Which can be hard.

But then again, wouldn’t I rather be challenged in life? It is often in those moments where I learn the most about myself.

One thought on “Motherhood, summarized in a text. 

  1. Letting go is probably the biggest lesson we all get to ‘play with’ in life. From birth when we let go to be born, to death when we, for the last time, let go of this life as we know it. All those little ‘letting goes’ are our great teachers for the big one.


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