Bathroom Redo!

This is going to be fun. A bathroom renovation! And no, unfortunately it’s not my bathroom, but after spending last year putting an addition on our house (oh, and having a baby smack dab in the middle) I am very happy to sit back and watch…

Let’s do a tour-de-bath pre demo so we can see what we’re dealing with:



Around the corner there is a surprise shower nook:

And then standing IN the shower nook and looking back out at the bathroom in all of its 1980s glory (can we say built-in ceramic soap dish?):

What you can’t see well in these pictures is the wallpaper (small, almost Liberty-print-like flowers). Wallpaper in bathrooms is making a comeback, though typically in bolder prints. I think this wallpaper is what I will miss most about this little space.

So onto plans. The goal is a classic, clean, updated space within a limited budget.


– Not changing the footprint of the room.

– No electrical work, light fixture staying where it is.

– replacing toilet/sink with classic white porcelain pieces from Kholer. Keeping shower as-is.

– adding beadboard to walls.

– replacing floor tiles with a classic hex pattern from Lowes!


– light fixture: do we reuse? Or replace? And if we replace, what finish? Should we match the chrome on the sink fixtures? Or contrast?

– height of beadboard: should we go with 1/3 or 2/3 high up the wall? How will the mirror hang over the beadboard? I think it would be nice to have it cover the outlets.

– Paint color. Leaning towards a slate/dark blue above the white beadboard.

I will report back as progress is made!

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