Redo Progress

Remember the bathroom redo we talked about a few weeks ago?

 To be perfectly honest, it is actually almost done – we are just waiting on the mirror. Oh, and some flair (aka artwork).

It looks good guys. It looks good.

But sorry, i’m waiting for the finishing touches before unleashing “the big reveal”. In the meantime, here are a few shots of the process (and side note: can we take a moment to admire the feature image above? I googled “classic 70’s bathroom” to find this. Do it yourself…you won’t be disappointed).

We started with this: 

Then gutted:

A closeup of the hex tile (it is awesome):

The light fixture – to keep, or not to keep?

Here is a closeup – it’s actually really cool when you look closely – perhaps only the shades need updating?

Beadboard replaced the old tile – and we carried it around on to all of the walls (as opposed to just the left and far wall), which makes the space feel so much more cohesive. 

Next steps: choose paint color (stay light, or go dark??), install plumbing (classic white ceramic beauties!), choose mirror (should we keep it above beadboard Or choose one to overlap with the beadboard?).

Example of mirror above beadboard:

Example of overlapping:

And another:

I’ll be back with the full reveal soon!

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