Spring, are you there?

It felt like February yesterday, damp and cold.

But then, I returned home to this:

Amazing right?!!

We had planted seeds the past weekend. Out on the lawn, frolicking in the sun, it felt like spring, and I had feared we had waited too long to plant.

(The view from our 1yr old’s perspective – look at those little feet!)

We have zucchini peeking out, as well as string beans, sugar snap peas and cucumbers. The cherry tomatoes are slower to pop…

My cousin recently introduced us to the joy of baby cucumbers. They are smaller and crisper than normal cukes, and when sliced and sprinkled with sea salt, a delicious refreshing snack.

So, we decided to grow our own this year. Here is the kind we planted:

So while yesterday felt like a setback, the optimism of these little seedlings was a good reminder to stay positive.  Spring is here!

We will be eating sugar snap peas from the garden in no time.

2 thoughts on “Spring, are you there?

  1. Looking good! Totally agree with you, with the weather cold and dreary coming home to the seedlings sprouting is so exciting.


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