I know how she does it

We have 168 hours in the week, and I don’t know about you, but I constantly wish there were more.

(Evening commute…not too shabby)

A colleague recommended this book to me -have you heard of it? 


It makes me laugh – the catch 22 of the situation (you know, finding the time to read a book about how to find the time?).

But even the bullet points on Amazon were interesting:

*Get creative about what counts as quality family time. Breakfasts together and morning story time count as much as daily family dinners and they’re often easier to manage.

*Take it easy on the housework. You can free up a lot of time by embracing the philosophy of “good enough” (this was my favorite reminder – hint hint to myself)

*Guard your leisure time. Full weekend getaways may be rare, but many satisfying hobbies can be done in small bursts of time. An hour of crafting feels better than an hour of reality TV.

I may give it a read. What are your tactics for fitting everything in? Last year I focused on three things that actually worked:

1. Suck it up, set the alarm for 5am and exercise before work!

2. Multitask – commute home with friends. Voila! Time to Socialize!

3. Ask for help. Make lists. Divide and conquer. 

4. Find a creative outlet (for me, this blog!).

Happy hump day. 

What Lisa’s wearing…

I was about to type “Lisa is a communications manager” but stopped myself two letters in. Yes, Lisa works as a communications manager (on health campaigns – how cool is that?) but she is so much more!

She is a best bud of mine from my college days (who incidentally married another best bud of mine, David – how cool is that!), who is smart, thoughtful, funny, tougher than she knows, and a consistently grounding force in my life.

On to the clothes (with some sneak peeks of Lisa’s closet!). Continue reading